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Welcome!  We hope that you find this site informative and that you will return to it often to stay current with IRA and today’s literacy instruction.  We welcome your comments and questions.

— Glenda Nugent

MSC-IRA State Coordinator

SPECIAL MOTIVATION EDITION of The Missouri Reader Now Available!!!

Posted by on 10 November, 2016
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The Missouri State Council has published a SPECIAL EDITION of The Missouri Reader!!!  Find out how teachers motivate their students. Get special tips from Missouri Early Learning keynote speaker Danny Brassell and learn how children’s book author Dianne de Las Casas charms readers and audiences with her sparkling personality and engaging books.

ALSO… if your MISSOURI Local Reading Council wishes to find out how YOU can sponsor a READ and FEED Book Grant Project, check out the article by Dr. Betty Porter Walls and Dr. William Kerns, then follow the link to the grant application.




Read and Feed Legacy Project Launched by MSC and STL Suburban

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Are you interested in providing a “Read and Feed” Project at your Title I school?

In compliance with the national Title 1 feed program, the Missouri Read and Feed project is designed to improve student reading and literacy skills and foster parent engagement by providing books to children other than during school times.

If interested, please download the Read and Feed Book Grant Application  using the link below.

Contact the program chairperson, Ms. Jody Rozbicki with your questions.




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Dear Educator,

 I was sad, as I’m sure you were, to hear that the 2016 Literacy for All Conference, recently scheduled for Saturday, October 15, at Harris Stowe State University, was postponed.  Betty Porter Walls always does a great job bringing some of the best speakers on literacy topics to the St. Louis area for that conference.

 But maybe there’s a silver lining to this dark cloud.  If you had been planning on the Literacy for All Conference to be the one professional development event you attended this fall, I have another option for you—the Missouri Early Learning Conference.  The Missouri International Literacy/Reading Council is a co-sponsor of both the Literacy Conference and the Early Learning Conference.

 If you are a preschool through 3rd grade teacher, or an administrator at the preschool or primary grades level, the Missouri Early Learning Conference is designed just for you.  We offer inspiring keynote addresses (Dr. Danny Brassell and Steve Spangler this year), children’s authors such as Laura Numeroff, and 58 breakout sessions on a wide variety of topics of interest to early childhood educators. 

 Some of the breakout sessions are presented by national-level experts such as Ruth Culham, Kathy Griffin, Kristin Ziemke, Donna Boucher, and LaVonna Roth, and others are presented by classroom teachers from Missouri and surrounding states.  And the conference is co-sponsored by the Missouri State Council of the International Literacy Association (MSC-ILA), so you know you can count on the sessions to be top notch.

 If you’re interested in learning more about the conference, just visit the conference website, or go directly to the Register page to sign up.

 I hope to see you at the conference!

 Willy Wood

Missouri Early Learning Conference Coordinator