A Turkey For Thanksgiving

Written by Eve Bunting

Illustrated by Diane de Groat

Reviewed by Mary Jo Barker


This is a delightful story about the Moose family celebrating Thanksgiving.  As the story begins, we learn that Mrs. Moose really wants a turkey for Thanksgiving. 


She says, "… I wish we had a real turkey.  Everyone always has a turkey for Thanksgiving.  Everyone but us." 


Most readers will think that she wants a turkey to eat on Thanksgiving.  And, that is exactly what the turkey thinks when Mr. Moose finds him in the wild and brings him to their home for Thanksgiving dinner.  It isn't until everyone sits down at the table that we learn turkey will be a guest and not the main course. 


Mrs. Moose says, "I brought a chair from the other room in the hopes of a turkey."

"A … a chair?"  Turkey stammered.


And, later, at dinner …

"I hope you find something here to your liking, Mr. Turkey," Mrs. Moose said.  "I wasn't sure of your taste."

"You are so kind to worry about my taste," Turkey said.  "I thought you'd be worrying about how I'd taste."


Finally …

Turkey says "It's even nicer to be AT your table and not ON it."


Lots of great opportunities for making and sharing inferences as you enjoy this delightful tale.

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