Meeting Minutes – April 16, 2010

MSC-IRA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2010


Members Present:  Linda McGlothlin, Mary Jo Barker, Jim Bonebrake, Donna Bonebrake, Marie Puett, Jeanie Cozens, Winnie McKinley, Barbara Hiles, Sarah Logan


Linda McGlothlin called the meeting to order.


Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from the February 20, 2010 meeting were sent via e-mail by Sarah Logan and included a revision from Winnie McKinley.


Minutes from February 20, 2010 meeting were approved.  


President’s Report:  Linda reported that Jennifer Day has officially submitted a resignation to the executive board of MSC-IRA.  This leaves a gap in the president-elect position.  Because of the resignation, it is also probable that the NORCO council will not be reactivated at this time.  


Linda also reported that she has been made aware of an issue in Zone 3 (Sikeston/Cape) involving funding for a council in that area.  Further communication with Kathy Dillahay, Zone Coordinator will be needed.


At this time MSC-IRA has not received any money from the work done with November’s Plains Regional Conference.  Notification has been given that there may not be any money sent.  This is both disappointing and frustrating.  Tammy has agreed to continue to pursue payment, as this is a significant income source that was expected.


Linda was pleased to share the current Mission and Vision Statements and Goals for MSC-IRA.  A timeline for implementation will be developed in the future.



President-Elect’s Report:  Jennifer submitted her president-elect report via email.



Vice-President’s Report:  Jeanie reported that MSC-IRA’s involvement with the Write to Learn Conference was a success.  She and Winnie were pleased that they had a few people become MSC-IRA members at the booth.  Those who joined the state council were given contact information for local councils in their areas.  Discussion led to agreement that there is a need for linking international membership with state and local memberships.  Jeanie and Winnie plan to update information that can be disbursed at future conference booths.  


Jeanie also shared that the newsletter is slotted for publication and distribution in May.  It is possible that it will include submissions from the April 17 leadership conference.  The deadline for newsletter submissions is April 30.


Treasurer’s Report:  Nicole submitted the treasurer’s report via email.  Discussion began with celebration that the council is not operating at a deficit.  Marie reminded everyone that approximately $600 will be spent in June for insurance.  The possibility of having an outside audit still exists; Linda will check into logistics.  Many councils in the state have yet to renew their tax-exempt status.  It was mentioned that Beth Cady at International has created a Power Point presentation that would be a valuable resource for these councils.  The presentation includes step by step directions and links to the necessary IRS forms.  Nicole will be asked to get in touch with councils who need to complete this process, and she will be able to refer them to this resource.



Corresponding Secretary’s Report:  Sarah relayed a message from Laurie Edmondson that Laurie would be willing to offer her assistance as needs are identified by the board.


Historian’s Report:  No report was submitted, as this position is currently vacant.  However, Carolyn Carlson will be stepping into the position.  Carolyn is a recipient of the MSC-IRA Research in Reading award, and the executive board is looking forward to her involvement.


Past-President’s Report:  Marie announced that MSC-IRA has been granted the Award of Excellence.  Mary Jo will be accepting it on our behalf at the IRA conference in Chicago.


Marie also shared that preparing a slate of officers for MSC-IRA has been a challenge.  There is still an open slot for the position of assistant treasurer.  A ballot is ready for the April 17 election.


Much discussion followed, focusing on how to handle the vacancy created by the president-elect’s resignation.  Jeanie offered to serve in her term as president for two years if support could be given.  Bylaws were consulted to guide decision-making.  It was suggested that Laurie Edmondson serve as President Elect in name, with the understanding that she would step aside to allow Jeanie two years as President.  Executive board members were in favor of this course of action, and Laurie will be approached with this idea.


Marie did not have any new information to report in regards to the Walliser memorial.


Legislative Report:  Tammy’s report was relayed by Linda.  Current “hot” issues center on job layoffs, No Child Left Behind reauthorization, and Parents as Teachers funding.  A federal legislative workshop will be held in June in Washington, D.C.


Membership Report:  Barbara said that she believes the amount of information required for online membership registration is too much.  She would like to see it revised to require only essential contact and membership information.  Another issue to be resolved involves the timeline for membership.  Managing membership data and promoting membership is an enormous task.  Linda reminded the board that past discussion has led to the decision to form a committee to share these responsibilities. 


MO Reader:  Kathy reported to Linda that the current issue is almost ready to post online.  Marie offered to check with Theresa about the process of Kathy submitting postings to the website, as it is not certain that she is authorized to post items.


State Coordinator’s Report:  Mary Jo is excited about launching “A Chat with Your Coordinator” in the fall.  This will enable her to tailor her support for local council presidents, which will in turn support local executive boards and councils.


Mary Jo provided updates concerning councils that have been identified for the Show-Me Award and/or Honor Council.


She also gave an overview of the schedule for the April 17 leadership conference.  Ideas for relaying information to council leaders not in attendance would be welcomed.  


Zone Coordinators’ Reports:  Winnie reported that the South Central Council seems to be doing well, and it is considering a summer workshop as a means of attracting new members.  The elimination of Career Ladder is a concern, as council meeting attendance could be affected next year.  Winnie also reported that the South Central Ozark Council is having difficulty in securing council officers, which could lead to the council becoming inactive.


Carol sent word that the Laundromat service project in her region was a success.


Jim and Donna were pleased with the entries in the Poster Contest.  They brought submissions, and board members selected winners in each category.


Committee Reports:  MSC-IRA will be involved with the Primary Years Conference in October 2010.  Featured speakers include Ruth Culham, Carl Anderson, and Tim Rasinski.  We will also be involved with the 2011 Write to Learn Conference featuring Sharon Draper, Linda Rief, and Kelly Gallagher.  Currently the plan is to have a booth at both conferences.  Linda plans to ask Terry Scheer to contact Willy Wood to discuss Willy’s partnership with MSC-IRA through conferences.


Unfinished Business:  Updating the MSC-IRA website is a high priority; much discussion centered on this topic.  Marie said that she shared the job description for a website coordinator with Theresa, and Theresa thought it was reasonable.  Marie then reviewed a list of options provided by Theresa in regards to our website. Currently MSC-IRA pays $18 per month for its services.  Option A would cost $20 per month (with $50 setup fee) and would add desirable communication features such as member subscribe/unsubscribe.  Option B would cost $55 per month (with $100 startup fee) and would significantly upgrade the communication features.  In addition to these options, other suggestions were made that would improve the website, including adding a membership blog.  


A motion was made by Jeanie Cozens that Option A be selected.  Barbara Hiles gave a second.  The motion was passed.


Marie will inform Theresa about the decision.  


A website coordinator will be needed.  The suggestion was made to actively search for someone to accept this role.  The newsletter could be used as a means of advertisement for such a person. Mary Jo will handle the application process for people interested in the role.  May 31 will be the deadline for contacting her to express interest or to submit a name.  The goal is to have a web coordinator selected no later than June 30.  Marie will notify Theresa with this information.


Discussion turned to the benefits of adding a blog to the website.  Potentially this could attract new members, particularly early career teachers.


A motion was made by Jim Bonebrake to spend $100 to add a blog to the MSC-IRA website.  Jeanie Cozens seconded.  The motion was passed.


A motion was made by Marie Puett that MSC-IRA accept the agreement with Educational Solutions International, L.L.C. for 2011-2012.  Donna Bonebrake seconded.  The motion was passed. 


New Business:  Several zones are currently without a coordinator.  Filling these positions will be a priority, as will recruiting local council members to serve on MSC-IRA committees.  Doing so will strengthen the organization.


The meeting was adjourned.




Minutes respectfully submitted by Sarah Logan, Recording Secretary

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