Meeting Minutes – February 26, 2011


MSC-IRA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

February 26, 2011


Members Present: Linda McGlothlin, Mary Jo Barker, Jeanie Cozens, Winnie McKinley, Barbara Hiles, Barb Ryczek, Lorene Reid, Terry Sherer, Betty Porter Wells, Glenda Nugent, Sarah Valter

Jeanie Cozens called meeting to order. (10:05 a.m.)

Minutes from Sept. 17, 2010 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Jeanie Cozens and approved.

Meeting was paused for a moment to make introductions of members present.

President-Elect’s Report- Lorene has been working with the Write to Learn conference and has asked IRA members who are going to the conference to introduce some speakers and collect tickets. She has found the project to be very pleasant and many people willing volunteers for the conference.

Vice President’s Report-Terry shared some suggestions for projects that MSC-IRA could contribute to, one being Sudan Sunrise. This is a school that will unite Muslims and Christian students. Terry’s local rotary is looking at Haiti and Honduras to start some schools possibly to replace a Montessori school that was destroyed. The Massachusetts IRA Council has a project in Guatemala, and there is also a science project in Belize. So Terry thinks we could contribute a great deal to these projects.

A motion was made by Terry Sherer to investigate the opportunities available for reading councils involvement in a vibrant international literacy project Betty Porter Wells seconded the motion. Terry will come back in June with more information.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report– Barb R. shared that the Moberly school district had sent her a W-9 and she did not know what to do with it. Jeanie said she believed that Nicole Costello should handle this as the treasurer.

Historian’s Report No report was submitted, this position has just been filled by Glenda Nugent. Jeanie suggested that Glenda contact Betsy Baker who has housed all of the MSC-IRA scrapbooks, Marie Puett may have the camera. Glenda will contact all the people who were mentioned. Glenda also shared her idea of doing a Shutter Fly book in the future which is like a digital scrapbook.

Past-President’s Report– Linda read from her report and she has responded to several e-mails from conference seekers and explained that MSC no longer hosts their own state conference but that we are co-sponsoring the Write to Learn conference. The Award of Excellence application and supporting documentation has been completed and mailed through USPS. The application is being kept digitally. Linda thanked several officers for their reports and documentation provided for this application. Since there is not going to be a past president next year she was asked to send the Award of Excellence in 2012.

Legislative Report– Sarah’s report centered on the Common Core Standards, a representative is invited to participate in a phone conference on Sunday.

Someone suggested contacting Laurie Edmondson, who is working with this committee. Laurie was contacted and agreed to be a part of the phone conference.

Ed. Funding- The U.S. House of Representatives has approved proposed cuts that will reduce educational spending up to 16.5 billion. Even Start will be cut 100%, National Writing Project 100 % Reading is Fundamental 100% Title 1 cut 693.5 million, Striving Readers Comprehensive Lit Program would be cut 100% several IRA members have applied for this program.

The United States Senate will now work through these proposals before it goes to the President.

Membership Report– Barbara Hile’s report stated that our membership is down this year. We have 1277 members as of this time. It has been very challenging to get a new system set up for recording memberships. This has been accomplished and each council has a document setup on Google for recording memberships. It appears at this time that the necessary information for keeping track of council membership is included on the spread sheet made available to each council and provides sufficient information at the state level. Also note that it is acceptable for local councils to send copies of individual membership applications to the state director of membership to be recorded for the councils. However if they are needed, please contact Barbara Hiles- . Barbara needs an e-mail address for all local council membership directors so they may be contacted as needed. When new officers are elected be sure to relay the information to Barbara Hiles. Memberships need to be in by February 1 so all paper work can be completed in a timely manner. Blasts are sent from our current membership list.

Newsletter– Laurie Edmondson will be working on this; she has been having some difficulties.

Missouri Reader– Kathryn Pole, editor, would like the Missouri Reader to be open access; Jeanie suggested delayed open access, delayed possibly 9 months.

Linda McGlothlin made a motion: to put the Missouri Reader on line for members and then have the Missouri Reader open access delayed possibly 9 months for all others. Terry Sherer seconded the motion.

Website Coordinator– Mary Jo stated that she thinks that the State Coordinator should be involved with the website. Mary Jo wanted suggestions for improvement. The new improved website was launched on January 5, 2011. An e-mail was sent out to all local council presidents with a flyer promoting the website.

Website Analytics and website renewal– Betty made a motion to accept changescape’s proposal for analytics for our website at a cost of 50.00 per quarter and renew our website/domain, Godaddy for 10.00 per year for 10 years and create a Facebook business page for MSC-IRA at a cost of $250.00. The motion was seconded by Linda McGlothlin.

State Coordinator’s Report

Mary Jo has been working on the website; she used some of her coordinator’s fund to cover the cost of the slider page. She continues to write "A Chat with the Coordinator" column which includes both a leadership development article and professional development article. Beginning in January, they have been posted on the home page of the website and archived there as well.

Zone Coordinators

All zone coordinators were contacted as to whether they will continue in the position for the New Year beginning March 1. Sarah Logan, Winnie McKinley, and Carol Davis are all continuing. Jim and Donna Bonebrake have not responded as of today however, Carol Kemper will be resigning from her position. She is having many health issues that prohibit her from continuing. Mary Jo stated her thanks to Carol for all of her years of service. There are several zones who need coordinators as of this date.

Projected Profit- Write to Learn Conference as of 2-25-11 MSC- IRA has 56 registered members attending the conference. Currently we should receive 1680.00 from the conference proceeds. In addition MSC- IRA will receive a portion of the book sales money from Lori Oczkus’s book, Reciprocal Teaching at Work Second Edition. 

President’s report– Jeanie announced that she has been contacted by Diane Sanderson with RB Education and that she can get a speaker for no cost and because of this offer, put forth the idea of a Drive-In Conference in Branson, Missouri at the end of July.

Meeting dates for MSC-IRA for 2011-2012 were discussed, with people wanting the fall meeting in late September or early October, the winter meeting to be in February the same weekend as Write to Learn if possible and late June for leadership.

A motion was made by Terry Sherer to proceed with a Drive- in Conference for this summer. This was seconded by Mary Jo. Mary Jo made a motion to give the start up fee to St. Louis City to start a council. This was seconded by Barbara Ryczek. Winnie McKinley made a motion to accept Marie Puett’s forms for the Professional Development Scholarship. Motion was seconded by Barbara Hiles Travel Grant form approval was tabled until June meeting.

Zone Coordinator’s Reports were read: Winnie McKinley read several of the reports of council’s special events that were planned and attended.

Ad Hoc Committee Reports were submitted: The Celebrate Literacy Award will be presented at the Write to Learn Conference in March.

Willie Edwards received only one application for the Studies and Research in Reading Award. He asked the applicant if he could hold the proposal until next year.

The meeting was adjourned by Jeanie Cozens at 1:55 p.m.






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