Meeting Minutes – September 17, 2010

MSC-IRA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

September 17, 2010


Members Present:  Linda McGlothlin, Mary Jo Barker, Nicole Costello, Marie Puett, Jeanie Cozens, Winnie McKinley, Barbara Hiles, Sarah Logan, Barb Ryczek, Lorene Reid, Terry Sherer, & Betty Porter Walls


Jeanie Cozens called the meeting to order.


Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from the April 16, 2010 meeting were sent via e-mail by Sarah Logan and included revisions from Winnie McKinley.


Minutes from April 16, 2010 meeting were approved.  


Treasurer’s Report:  Nicole shared that MSC-IRA was able to cut expenses considerably and has money in the bank!  A motion was made to adjust line item to “membership for state officer” in the state coordinator line of the budge. 


Membership will be the main source of income, which is why expenditures need to be cut to the bare minimum.  


Nicole suggested that doing the MO Reader once per year could be another way of saving money.  Another option would be to not publish a hard copy of the MO Reader at all.  Discussion also showed that an online version could allow people searching the internet for topics featured in the publication to find MSC-IRA’s resource.  Consensus was that the Reader stay online so that budget could be directed towards supporting membership and publicity. 


{The meeting was paused so that introductions can be made among the officers present.}


Another topic of discussion centered around the printing line item.  Jeanie reported that Missouri Southern provided combs and binding and her husband donated printing services.  Consensus was that we keep the printing budgeted at $100 in case it becomes necessary.


Discussion then centered around budgeting money to be given to councils who are getting started, and this was considered to be a priority.  $100 for start up costs is the precedent for what is given.  Forms can provided for councils wishing to use this source of support.  


Zone Coordinators’ mileage is budgeted, though no one turned in receipts last year.  It may be helpful to make them aware that mileage is available to them.  Federal rate is currently $.50 per mile.


Barb Hiles suggested the importance of honoring Wally Walliser and is open to ideas.


Sarah Logan made a motion that the treasurer’s report be accepted.  Linda McGlothlin seconded, and the report and budget was accepted.


President-Elect’s Report:  Lorene has been experiencing computer difficulties, so her report could not be sent via email.  She attended the leadership conference in Dallas and was pleased to learn that the issues/challenges faced around the nation are similar to Missouri’s (membership and age).  Lorene is excited that International is a valuable source of support to the state council.  She’s obtained a list of area international members and has been able to contact them to join their local council.  Response has been positive!  Others interested may obtain names from Lorene.


Mary Jo inquired as to who is taking Beth Cady’s position at International.  They also seem to be in flux with personnel, which is likely the result of economic stress.



Vice-President’s Report:  Terry also was not able to share a report before the meeting.  He too enjoyed the opportunity to attend the conference in Dallas and came away with many helpful membership ideas.  He mentioned the success he’s experienced with involving Rotary as a partner for IRA.  Membership is increasing as a direct result of the work, and Terry’s research will be published!  Hopefully the success can be replicated and continued.  There is a new student organization on the horizon in his area (Mark Twain) as well.  Recruiting in the Hannibal area is also planned.  


Mary Jo asked Terry about committee work for Saturday’s session. He is prepared to tell council leaders in attendance how they can partner with Rotary as well.


Corresponding Secretary’s Report:  Barb shared that she has questions about when the Celebrate Literacy Award is to be presented because of changes in conferences and leadership meeting dates.  In order to make contacting her more efficient, please use her home email address, which is  It is not too late to put information about the award into the fall newsletter.


Historian’s Report:  No report was submitted, as this position is currently vacant.  


Past-President’s Report:  Linda reported that one Community Service Award application was received.  The applicant conducted a project to provide books for local Laundromats.  It’s possible that councils need to be reminded to apply for this award.


Many people are inquiring about a fall conference.  It is important to let local officers know that Write to Learn is replacing the conference so that the word can be spread.


Linda asked about councils that meet during the summer and would like to hear stories about how councils do so successfully.  Terry said that his campus can be used as a reading camp, which could be supported by council members.    


Legislative Report:  No report was submitted, as this position is also currently vacant.  Tammy has resigned due to taking a new job with Zaner-Bloser, which requires her to travel.


Membership Report:  Barbara’s report centered on issues related to the website.  She has taken the old membership form and has revised it to streamline the information members need to submit.  Councils may submit membership via Excel email or through mail.  Barb has advised some councils to wait for directions before submitting information, as changes to the website may affect this.


Jeanie and Mary Jo believe that Marie Puett would be an excellent membership publicity representative because of her contacts around the state and her involvement with membership in the past.  Having Marie (or someone else) serve in this position will help Barbara considerably.


Barb has some questions about how membership can be maintained online.  She believes that membership dates should run March1-February 28 to coincide with International’s requirements for Honor Council.


Discrepancies in membership need to be investigated with local leaders.


Linda asked Terry for a list of Rotary clubs in the state of Missouri.  Terry suggested that including a Rotary member on the Executive Board could create a stronger partnership.


Barb is wondering if the website needs to include a place for people to indicate whether members are regular, student, retired, etc.  Mary Jo suggested that for research purposes (such as determining how many student members we have), this would be a logical idea.


Mary Jo asked how local councils might feel about the March to February dates, as most likely they run to coincide with the school year.  It is important that the local membership chairs understand the logistics if they choose to run with the school year.  The date issue can be very confusing for members!


State due rates continue at $8 per regular and $4 for student and retired memberships.  Local council rates vary.


Website Proposal:  Board members reviewed and discussed the proposal from Changescape.  Mary Jo clarified that the company will train MSC-IRA people to enter information and administrate the site.


Mary Jo and Betty said that St. Louis Suburban has just started a website with this company, and so far they are pleased, especially with the customer service.  They are still learning to navigate their site, but it is easy to use and contains a great deal of useful information.


Barb R. asked for clarification about whether or not the existing website information and domain can be utilized with the new company.


Linda asked if this is a one-man team in the company.  Mary Jo says that Ken Tucker (from Changescape) has a team of employees, and his wife is a Title I educator in the Melville school district.  


In looking at expenses, the start up cost for this year would likely be more than what MSC-IRA would pay in the future because our people would be able to manage the site.  It may be worth investigating what else the company can do to help run the site and send information to members.


The capabilities of the site would include many desirable features, such as FaceBook links, site searching capabilities, YouTube links, event registration, blogging, and more.  It will enable MSC-IRA to support educators in 21st century learning.  Even if we don’t utilize all features at once, the capability would be there.  Links could also be made to local councils and to International as well as to additional sites of interest to literacy educators.


At this time, no one has applied for the position of website coordinator.  However, Jeanie shared a plan for the incoming vice-president to take on this responsibility.  This makes sense because this person would learn more about what’s going on in the organization by managing the information on the site.  Essentially it would be “on-the-job training” for the person who will move into the leadership role.  We could budget to pay annually for training the person in this position.


Actively seeking an additional website coordinator is still desired.  Covering travel expenses for a person needing to travel for training could be budgeted in publicity/advertising.  Linda suggested that it would be wise to continue running the opportunity in the newsletter.  Perhaps it’s important to help spread the word that this person will be responsible for posting current information and not for redoing the site.


Website Webinar:  Jeanie informed Ken that we’d looked through the proposal and had some questions for him.  Ken showed a similar website—the St. Louis Suburban site.  We were quite impressed with the overall quality and capabilities.       


State Coordinator’s Report:  

Zone Coordinators’ Reports:  

Committee Reports:  

Unfinished Business:  

New Business:  



Minutes respectfully submitted by Sarah Logan, Recording Secretary

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