Exemplary Reading Program Award

The Exemplary Reading Program Award recognizes outstanding reading and language arts programs at all grade levels (elementary, middle and high school).  Its purpose is to call the public's attention to outstanding programs in schools throughout Canada and the United States.  Each participating state and province can choose one winning school a year.

All public, private and parochial schools in the United States and Canada are eligible for the award provided the state or province in which the school is located has:

  • An Exemplary Reading Program Award Committee currently in place to judge program applications from that state or province
  • At least one faculty or staff member of that school is a current IRA member

Applications must be postmarked no later than November 15 and received at IRA Headquarters no later than November 22.  Headquarters will then forward applications to the state/provincial Exemplary Reading Program Award Committee for review.

Find the application for the Exemplary Reading Program Award at http://www.reading.org/Resources/AwardsandGrants/professional_exemplary.aspx

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