Hot Diggity Dog: The History of the Hot Dog

Written by Adrienne Sylver


What child does not like a hot dog?

This is a great informational text to start children on the road to meeting the Common Core Standards of a 4th grader reading informational text for 50% of the reading he does.


What a fun book to read! 

Did you know that you could buy a Coney Island hot dog back in the 1870's in New York City for only five cents?

Did you realize that hot dogs at baseball games began around the same time … the late 1800's?

Who knew that hot dogs had been around that long!

This book contains just lots and lots of fun information about the lowly hot dog!


Besides all the fun of learning more about the hot dog, there are great text features to be explored.  And, the last page helps the student to learn how to write his/her own book on a favorite food. What a great mentor text for a child writing about his/her favorite food!


Don't miss out on this book!!!!!!

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