Written by Eve Bunting

Illustrated by Beth Peck

Review by Mary Jo Barker


This is a "coming-to-America" story.  It tells the tale of a family fleeing from a government that doesn't allow thinking that differs from theirs.  The family leaves home in the middle of the night with only a change of clothes, and they pay for their passge in a small fishing boat with the mother's wedding band and garnet necklace. 


The story continues with the trials and tribulations of immigrants traversing an ocean in a small fishing boat.  They experience engine problems, armed soldiers, thieves at sea, and being turned away from entry into another country.  Finally, they arrive at America and are welcomed.  It turns out to be Thanksgiiving Day.  But, this story can be read and appreciated at any time of the year.


This book not only informs the reader of the many hardships of some immigrants, but it also offers many opportunities for students to make inferences.  The story is filled with rich language and situations that beg to be clarified in order to fully understand the story.


This is a keeper!  You'll want to buy this book and use every year.  Enjoy!

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