Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers

Written and Illustrated by Karen Winnick


This is a delightful story to help your young children learn about Abraham Lincoln.  The main character in this story is also a child.  It is eleven year old Grace although one would think she is much younger from the illustrations. 


In this story, Grace writes to Mr. Lincoln with advice to grow a beard in order to help his face look less sad and get more people to vote for him.  We all know that Mr. Lincoln did grow a beard.  Was Grace's letter the real reason why he did it?  We may never know the answer to that question.  But, this book tells the true story of a little girl who wrote to Mr. Lincoln about growing whiskers to change the look of his face.  The actual letters that were exchanged between the two people are included at the back of the book.


What a wonderful read aloud to celebrate President's Day!

It may just inspire your students to write letters of their own to our current President.

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