I Wanna New Room

Written by Karen Kaufman Orfoff; Illustrated by David Catrow

When the Common Core Standards are tested in 2013, one new topic on the test will be argumentative literacy.  The expectation will be that students beginning in kindergarten will be taught this form of literacy.  While we may know it now as persuasive writing, it is never to soon to begin to expose our students to argumentative literacy and teach it as early as kindergarten.

Well, this book is just what you need to do that!   I Wanna New Room will pull your students in and keep them engaged from the first to the very last page of the book.  What child cannot understand wanting a new room so that you do not have to share it with a sibling, especially when that sibling is a four year old doing very childish things to you and your belongings.  In this book, Alex (main character) writes letters to his mom and then his dad to convince them that he should get his own room.  He gives many reasons and states his case very well.  All children will love his reasoning!  In the end, Alex receives a special place that is all his own.  It isn't a new room, but it is a place that is all his own.  It is a treehouse, and he decides to invite his little brother in to play with him.  A sweet story and a great example to teach argumentative literacy.  

By the way, this is the author's second book.  It was just published in 2010 by G.P. Putnam's Sons, a division of Penguin Young Readers Group.  The author's first book was I Wanna Iguana.  If you look closely, you will even see that iguana in this book. 

You and your students will love this book!

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