Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit

Written and Illusatrated by Chris Van Dusen

Published 2012 by Candlewick Press

Review by Mary Jo Barker


Randy Riley loves two things – baseball and science, 

especially robots and outer space.

He is great at all things science but nothing to do with baseball.

He strikes out everytime he comes up to bat.


One day while looking at outer space through his telescope,

he sees a massive fireball coming directly at the earth.

He did the math and found that it would hit the earth in just 19 days.

Because his mom and dad wouldn't listen, he realized that it was all up to him.


So for 18 days while his friends played baseball, he builds a robot to stop the fireball.

When the fireball is close to hitting earth and everone is panicing,

Randy fires up his mighty robot with ninety-seven batteries.

This mighty robot man uses a factory smotestack as a bat. 

Randy may not be able to hit a ball out of the park,

but his robot hits the fireball into outer space.

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