Stars Above Us


Stars Above Us

Written by Geoffrey Norman

Illustrated by E. B. Lewis

Reviewed by Lorene Reid, Vice-President of MSC-IRA


This charming picture book tells the story of a special relationship between a little girl named Amanda and her dad. When Amanda tells her dad she is afraid of the dark, he shows her all the wonderful things there are to see and hear in the dark: the fireflies, the stars, and the "music" made by the crickets. The stars intrigue them both most of all. When her dad has to go away, Amanda misses him very much. Yet, she is happy to know that they are both looking at the same stars. This sharing helps them to feel close to each other despite the distance between them. When her soldier-dad returns home, Amanda has a surprise ready for him to share with her: a surprise that enhances their appreciation of the night sky.

This beautifully illustrated book, a nominee for the Show Me Reader Award in 2011-2012, celebrates the love between a parent and a child. Once you read this book, you will want to share it with your children.



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