The St. Louis Cardinals

Written by Mark Stewart

Published in 2012


This is a great book for the die-hard Cardinal fan and the student who knows nothing about the Cardinals.  It tells the history of the Cardinals from the days of the Browns and the Perfectos up to and including the 2011 World Championship.


My favorite chapter is "Dressed for Success" which details the history of the Cardinal uniform. Did you know that the Cardinals were not named after the well-known red bird?  "Originally, the team's nickname came from the cardinal-red color of the uniform.Not until 1918 did Cardinals appear on the players' jersey."  There is also a great picture showing that the uniform of today is almost identical to  the uniform of 1970.


The die-hard Cardinal fan will love the section on Tony LaRussa.  It tells us that LaRussa was different from most manages because he thought about new possibilities after every pictch.  Most managers played games innings by innings – making changes in a new inning.


My most favorite part is the website that is updated throughout the season and after the season ends. 

Check it out at

Click on the tab:  TEAM SPIRIT (on left of page) then click on EXTRA INNINGS.

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