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Welcome!  We hope that you find this site informative and that you will return to it often to stay current with IRA and today’s literacy instruction.  We welcome your comments and questions.

— Glenda Nugent

MSC-IRA State Coordinator


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As we transition with the International Literacy Association(ILA), the Missouri State Council of the International Reading Association is now the  Missouri Literacy Association (MLA)! Under the new ILA charter,  the state and local councils will operate differently. We will continue to support members with exciting professional development through conferences, workshops, The Missouri Reader, and online webinars. The transition process takes time,  but stay tuned for new opportunities for professional learning and networking with MLA coming in the next year.

This transition must be finalized by September 1, 2018. At that point in time, the IRA group exemption that both the state and local councils previously operated under will be dissolved, and the new ILA group exemption will be the only one available to the state chapters. Starting September 1, 2018:

  • Each local council must operate under the state’s EIN tax-exempt status as a council or committee.
  • The current EIN will become taxable and no longer represent a nonprofit organization.
  • Current councils will not be able to operate as independent tax-exempt organizations under their current EIN tax numbers.

To help with this process, here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions ILA has received:

Do the local councils have to change their names? No, they do not. This decision is at the discretion of the state chapter. Each local will not be its own organization, but rather a group within the state chapter.

Do local councils need to file an ILA officer report?
No, the local councils no longer need to supply ILA with a yearly officer report. However, there may be annual report requirements from the state chapter.

Do we have to give all locals a bank account? No, but you can. This is also at the discretion of the state. How a local operates, and if they need a bank account or should be a line item under the state, will best be determined by the state.

Does each local council need to have a specific number of ILA members? There is no minimum number of ILA members for local groups. However, state chapter board members must be ILA members.

Do the local councils need their own bylaws? Local councils should draft their own procedures (including how they wish to operate) with the state chapter’s approval. They will no longer need bylaws because they will operate under the state’s bylaws.

Do we need to file our 990 forms this November? Yes, all locals and state chapters must file a final 990 form and check the “Final Return/Terminated” box in Section B. The IRA group exemption will officially end at this point.

This process is new for everyone, and we are here to help work through it. If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas, or questions about the local transition process, or would like to set up a call, please do not hesitate to contact Glenda Nugent, ILA Coordinator, or Tammy Rhomberg, MLA President.

Glenda – glenda.nugent@gmail.com

Tammy – tjrh3@earthlink.com

THE MISSOURI READER – Differentiation

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We cannot wait for you to explore this issue of The Missouri Reader and we hope you are as excited about what you find as we are to share it with you.  The Special Section – Differentiation features a review of the research along with practical suggestions for meeting the needs of ALL of your students. Just as we strive to meet all of our learner’s needs, we have tried to meet your needs by providing full-length articles ranging from scholarly articles that present research, theory, and practice, written by experienced professors and teachers, to shorter articles that give you a glimpse into the classrooms of teachers of all experience levels.

The Missouri Reader is fortunate to have so many diverse educators willing to take time to share what works for them. If you would like to share your research or experiences, be sure to read Dr. Beth Hurst’s article, “Writing for the Missouri Reader.” The Call for Manuscripts can be found on the last page of this journal.

Check it out with the link below! We are sure you will find just the right article to inspire you!


The Missouri Reader: Disciplinary Literacy

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The newest issue of The Missouri Reader is now available for MSC members. Check out this issue featuring a special Disciplinary Literacy section. You will find articles by Timothy Shanahan, Jennifer Altieri, and our own David Harrison and Mary Jo Fresch. Contributions by classroom teachers let us see successful practices from their classrooms. Articles range from those of interest to preschool teachers to those addressing high school classrooms. You don’t want to miss the MoSTAR list of recommended science literacy books by Jennifer Fox, Jeff Thomas, and Joyce Gulley. If you are looking for recommendations for books to support economics, check out the article by Eva Johnson, from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis. These articles and many more will ensure that there is something for each of you in the latest issue of The Missouri Reader. 

CHECK IT OUT:   https://joom.ag/HA9W

If you would like to contribute an article to The Missouri Reader, please see the last page of this issue for guidelines and directions to submit your article.