The Walliser Memorial Travel Grant


Walliser Memorial Travel Grant

The purpose of the grant is to provide $250 to allow MSC-IRA MEMBERS who might otherwise not have the opportunity to attend an MSC-IRA co-sponsored conference (i.e., MO Early Learning Conference in the fall or Write to Learn Conference in the spring).

The criteria and conditions for the grant are as follows:

1. The applicant has been a local/state council member for at least one year.

2. The applicant will provide a letter of support from his/her local council, including an indication of how the applicant has made a noteworthy contribution to the literacy of his/her students.

3. The applicant will provide an official letter of support on letterhead from the employing institution in .pdf form indicating:

  • A. Why the applicant is worthy of receiving such a grant
  • B. How the applicant has contributed to the literacy of his/her students
  • C. That the applicant will be given release time from school duties to attend an MSC-IRA conference, and

4. The applicant will fill out the online application form, which includes a summary of current professional responsibilities and how they are related to literacy AND a brief (250 word maximum) statement indicating why he/she wishes to attend an MSC-IRA conference and how attendance will benefit his/her teaching.

5.  The applicant will submit a one-page vita.

6. After the grant has been awarded, the successful applicant agrees to:

  • A.  Submit a written report to MSC-IRA describing his/her experiences at the conference–indicating professional benefits–and offering suggestions for participation by future grant recipients to be published in the next issue of The Missouri Reader (to be submitted within 3 weeks after the conference), and
  • B.  Share his/her experiences with the sponsoring local council through an oral/written report or presentation.  This report should include, at a minimum, a) the activities you attended at the conference and b) the benefits of having attended the meetings.  This report/presentation due date is to be determined by the local council.    

7. Applications will be evaluated on the soundness of application materials and rationale, strength of employer’s recommendation, strength of council recommendation, and contents of vita.


The complete application packet will include:


  • Oct. 1 – MO Early Learning Conference
  • Dec. 1 – Write to Learn Conference

All materials should be sent to Glenda Nugent at by the deadline to be considered for this grant.  

If you have any questions about the grant, please contact Glenda Nugent by email.


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