The vision of MSC-IRA      is to be the leading organization that promotes and supports literacy for all.



The mission of MSC-IRA is to promote and support leadership development, professional development, communication, partnerships, and literacy-based programs & projects.



Goal #1 – Membership & Leadership

  • Increase our membership by 10%.


  • Offer discounts to those who join in the spring for next year or fall.
  • Offer a discount to those who join with 5 or more members from the same district.
  • Post calendar of events/programs on webpage. 
  • Create a “team” membership committee of two people with one person as records/data person and another as the cheerleader/promotion person. 


  • Design a state-wide promotion program for state memberships.

Evidence of Success:

  • Increased membership.
  • Expired memberships are removed from website.


Goal #2 – Communication and Technology

  • To efficiently communicate with our membership.


  • Increase the frequency of communication. 
  • Vary the methods of communication.
  • Explore ways to make website as up-to-date as possible. 


  • Ask members to give personal and school emails.
    • Local council officers
    • Put on registration form
    • At beginning of year when registering initially and when renewing.
  • Personal phone calls to promote memberships, attendance at meetings
  • Decide if webmaster will be part of executive board or independent contractor 


Goal #3 – Professional Development

  • Provide research-based professional development opportunities and/or materials.


  • Merge state conference with Primary Years Conference and Write to Learn Conference.
  • Encourage local councils to provide quality research-based professional development at local meetings. 
  • Regional sharing of professional development at local level. 
  • Communicate to local councils the availability of professional resources. 


Goal #4 – Projects and Programs

  • MSC-IRA will provide timely information to local councils to promote and encourage literacy projects and programs in the community.


  • Provide information regarding programs and projects at leadership and board of director meetings.
  • Keep websites updated with current information. 


  • Handouts with updates from committee chairs. 
  • Webmaster updates state-wide calendar. 

Officers and committee chairs send timely info to Newsletter Chair.