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Posted by on 29 August, 2013
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Hello fellow readers and writers,

By now, we are all well into the school year. I hope yours has gotten off to a smooth start. November will be here before you know it and we will be participating in the Missouri Early Learning Conference on November 14-15 at Tan Tar A. MSC-IRA is a co-sponsor of this event. I hope that you and perhaps a team of educators from your school/district will be coming.

Probably the most significant change in the life of local councils is in regard to those who apply for Honor Council Award and the Show-Me State Award. The due dates for submission of documentation for these awards has changed from spring to fall, November 27, specifically. If you go to the Recognitions tab on our Home Page and then click Awards, you will see updated guidelines and due dates for both awards.

Membership is always a critical issue with our local councils. At our Literacy/Leadership Institute this past June, we discussed this topic and it is no doubt a topic of discussion at the national level. The future of our councils is in the new members we recruit and maintain. I am reading a book right now called Shine:  Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People by Edward Hallowell (2011). In his book, he talks about effective uses of creativity, innovation, and inquiry in our work on a daily basis. I’d like to encourage you to think about creative and innovative ways you might get new members to join and participate in your council meetings.

Have a wonderful fall!

Mitzi Brammer, PhD

State Coordinator, MSC-IRA

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