THE MISSOURI READER: Poetry – A Path to Literacy

Posted by on 14 February, 2018
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We cannot wait for you to explore this issue of The Missouri Reader and we hope you are as excited about what you find as we are to share it with you.  Introducing this special edition of The Missouri Reader:  Poetry – A Path to Literacy.   It contains advice from top experts & practicing teachers. TONS of free resources. If you want to see how poetry can be a game changer as David Harrison says it is, if you want to see what lots of top experts are saying (when you click in, look at the front cover to see who) then you have got to read this issue.  

The Missouri Reader is fortunate to have so many diverse educators willing to take time to share what works for them. If you would like to share your research or experiences, the Call for Manuscripts can be found on the last page of this journal.

Check out the journal with the link below! Does require adobe flash be active on your computer.

ENJOY and the key word here is JOY LINK:


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